The Advantages of Urethane Modified Cement Floors in Commercial Kitchens and Food Production Areas
What kind of flooring is used in commercial kitchens?

There are a few different options. Kitchen floors need to be durable and slip resistant to guarantee workplace safety. It’s also important to choose flooring that can resist chemical spills and large temperature changes.

Epoxies can be a great choice in many kitchens and food production areas. Polyurea flooring can also be the way to go in some cases.

But urethane modified cement flooring is the best option. This type of flooring is a great fit for freezers and cellars as well as kitchens.

Why are these floors such a great option? What makes them the perfect fit for areas intended for food storage and preparation?
Excellent Moisture Tolerance

Urethane modified cement floors are exceptionally resistant to moisture. They provide better durability than other heavy-duty flooring options.

They can easily withstand water spills and other liquids. In addition to commercial kitchens, these floors are a popular option for wash areas. They also get used in dairy factories, as well as breweries and wineries.

Resistant to Chemicals

These floors can handle more than just water.

They can resist an unusually wide range of chemicals and solvents. In addition to cleaning products of all kinds, they easily resist organic food acids. Urethane modified cement flooring is also a good choice for laboratories. It gets used in chemical processing areas too.

Resistant to Impact and Abrasions

When you’re choosing a floor for your commercial kitchen, you want something that will last a long time.

If you opt for urethane modified cement flooring, there is nothing to worry about. It won’t get worn out or easily damaged. Even after extensive use, these floors stay in good shape.

Resistant to Thermal Shock

Urethane modified cement flooring is also an excellent option for freezers. It gets used in food production areas that utilize extremely low temperatures. For example, meat and poultry factories favour this kind of flooring. It is more cold-resistant than other flooring options.

But you also don’t have to worry about the high temperatures you get in commercial kitchens. The urethane coating can endure both extremes without any problems.

Workplace Safety and Hygiene

These floors have an anti-bacterial, microbe-resistant design. As such, it is easy to keep them clean.

They also give your employees a solid footing. If you go for urethane modified cement flooring, you won’t have to worry about slips.

But there’s also another issue at hand. This type of flooring is very low on VOCs (volatile organic compounds). This is why it passes every health and safety regulation that applies to commercial kitchens.

Easy to Apply

If you’re still not sure about the best flooring for your kitchen, take time into account. Why waste days on getting your flooring settled? These floors dry quickly and are very low on emissions. Odour won’t be a problem either.

Are There Any Downsides?

These floors aren’t safe to use in workplaces that are sensitive to static electricity. But this isn’t an issue in commercial kitchens. Urethane modified cement floors are your top option for food-related businesses of any kind.

A Note on Cleaning

Regular and thorough cleaning is necessary in any food production area.

As mentioned before, the moisture resistance makes these floors very easy to clean. You can use high-pressure water or steam without worrying about any damage.

If you opt for a professional cleaner, don’t worry about their cleaning methods. The floors can’t get damaged by harsh brushes or by cleaning supplies of any variety. It’s also fine to use a high-pressure hose as well as water of any temperature.

A Final Thought

When you have the right flooring, there are fewer concerns about food quality as well. These easy-to-clean floors guarantee excellent kitchen hygiene. They’re a good fit for anyone, from small businesses to large factories or restaurant chains.

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