Heavy Duty Floor and/or Cove Surfacing Systems

Commercial and Industrial Flooring in Melbourne

Are you struggling to choose the right flooring? Baker Technical Epoxy Flooring Services will give you the right advice on polyurethane and epoxy floor coatings. You can even opt for a coarse, medium or fine textured surface. The surface system you select should be durable and proven to protect the substrate in aggressive environments such as:

  • Factories
  • Packaging Rooms
  • Abattoirs
  • Dairy Industry
  • Battery Rooms
  • Bunded Areas
  • Food or Drink Processing Areas
  • Steel Mills

In these settings, you need an application that sets quickly, resists chemicals and impacts and can be steam-cleaned. If you value performance over appearance, you’ll appreciate our practical advice. For food grade flooring in Melbourne, our floor/cove surfacing systems are the perfect solution.

High Build Epoxy Floor and/or Wall Coatings

You’ll find that our wide range of floor and wall coatings can also be cost-effective. It’s important that you consider how the space will be used and how long your flooring should last. By combining epoxy mortar coving with a self-smoothing or high build epoxy you can achieve the high-quality result you want. A non-slip floor is ideal for work areas such as:

  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Medium Chemical Contamination
  • Shops
  • Processing Areas
  • Packaging Rooms
  • Show Rooms
  • Car Servicing Areas

And the variety of colours on offer means your workplace won’t be dull and uninspiring.

Concrete floor resurfacing, coating, repairs in Melbourne

When it comes to coating, resurfacing or repairing your floors, we’ll make them look as good as new again. You can call on us for any repairs you need such as:

  • Surfacing worn, old concrete
  • Crack repairs
  • Filling holes
  • Diamond grinding
  • Caulking of expansion joints

To ensure that your floors keep looking their best, we can carry provide you with regular maintenance and inspection reports. That includes repairs to damaged or eroding expansion joints. Whether your concrete floor is new or old, we can seal it to prevent dusting. This will help your concrete floor to maintain its appearance, even in areas with high foot or vehicle traffic.

Sealing of Concrete Floors

  • Effective clear sealing of new and old concrete slabs to stop "dusting" effect, subject to foot or vehicle traffic
  • Economical clear sealers to enable easy cleaning

Repair of Cracked or Spalled Concrete, Facades, Structures

When your concrete floor, facades and structures start cracking or spalling, call on us to repair them before the problem spreads. If you are in need of:

  • Removal of spalled material
  • Treatment of exposed reinforcing steel
  • Effective repairs to spalled areas
  • Complete reinstating of top-coat applications (if required).
  • Pressure injection repair to cracked slab.
  • Resurfacing of fire damaged concrete.

Are you looking for vinyl chip floor coating in Melbourne? Talk to us. If you want to create a decorative effect on your floors, you’ll want to see our unique vinyl chip floor coating epoxy. It consists of a pigment epoxy basecoat with multi-coloured vinyl chips set into layers of clear resin. You can select the perfect match for your space. These non-slip, comfortable and chemical resistant floors are ideal for:

  • Laboratories
  • Foyers
  • Change-Rooms
  • Toilets
  • Chemical packaging Rooms
  • School Rooms
  • Walkways

Protection of Chemical Storage Bunded Areas

  • Epoxy or Urethane Mortars, with or without fiberglass reinforcement

Operating Freezers, Cool Room Floor Repairs in Melbourne Using Rapid Setting Polymers

When you can’t shut down your business to conduct repairs to your floor, our range of polymer products is the solution. These rapid setting polymers are new to the Australian market. They can be used in temperatures ranging from ambient to -43°C with normal traffic in one hour. If you want to take advantage of this new technology in Melbourne, Australia, call us now.

  • This Polymer range of products are new to Australia, for use when facilities cannot be shutdown to conduct floor repairs.
  • Rapid Setting Polymers can be used in temperatures from ambient to as low as -43C with normal traffic allowed in one (1) hour.
  • This product is used for rapid Repairing or Caulking in Expansion Joints and Holes in Concrete Slabs.
  • Contact our office for a full range of products we can use to conduct these special repairs.

Caulking of Floor Expansion Joints

To ensure your floor expansion joints remain in perfect working order, rely on us to provide the services and repair you need including:

  • Caulking of floor expansion joints using quality sealants
  • Re-caulking of old expansion joints
  • Interior concrete slabs caulking
  • Exterior concrete slabs caulking

To get the most out of your floor expansion joints, we offer chemical resistant systems. So you always have the best protection available.